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A blockage in a WC can be distressing to many homeowners especially if it overflows completely.

Usually, the blockage will be either in the pan or the water trap and therefore, it can be cleared quite easily.

Before you try to clear the blockage, it is a good idea to check the flow of water from other waste pipes. This will establish whether the blockage is affecting all pipes or just the WC. If the blockage is just the WC then this is how you should deal with it:

Using a large plunger, hold it so that the rubber end covers the waste outlet at the base of the pan and pump several times. Repeat as needed. Once the blockage is clear, the waste water should flow away quickly.

If this fails to remove the blockage, it will be necessary to ‘rod’ the pipe out.

We recommend that at this stage, you call a plumber because it will be unlikely that you will have the equipment required to complete this task.

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