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We provide Emergency (24 hour) plus everyday plumbing, heating
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We operate within Esher areas where we try and arrive at an emergency call-out within 1 hour of receiving your call.

Hard Water Problems

Many towns in the county of Surrey have hard mains water, and Esher is no exception. The water hardness is typically around 250-350ppm. That means the mains water contains high levels of limestone and magnesium that it's picked up on its journey through the underground rocks. Limescale in the hot water pipes is a problem in Esher. It's caused by hard water. That means that your heating system will be working much less efficiently, which will cost you money.

This problem can be fixed by using water softeners. Total hardness is usually expressed in terms of calcium carbonate and is measured in milligrammes per litre (mg/l) or parts per million (ppm). The recognised classification scheme used by the water provider in this area is: 0-75 soft, 76-150 moderately hard, 151-300 hard, 300+ very hard. At 275 mg/l the water in Esher is hard.

Water Safe Quality AssuredThe minerals in hard water are not your dishwasher’s friends. Over time, they can build up into deposits, just like limescale in a kettle, and reduce the effectiveness of your machine. Using dishwasher salt "softens" the water, which reduces the mineral level and helps stop those build-ups. This has the added effect of increasing the life of your dishwasher, keeping your pots, pans and plates perfect for longer.

In order to set the optimum level of dishwasher salt, you need to know exactly how hard your water is. Your machine’s user manual will have a guide that shows you how to adjust the salt setting accordingly - the level of salt needed in the machine is generally higher the harder the water.

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Why call PlumbFix?

We are a family business that truly appreciates our customers, and you can rest assured that we will get the job done right and within the budget and timeframe. 95% of our calls are completed within the hour. We operate a routine and 24hr emergency service 365 days a year, whenever needed. We also supply free quotations and advice.

Plumbfix are specialists in plumbing, drainage and heating services. We have been available to our customers in Esher and the surrounding areas for many years. We cover all parts of Esher and are available 24/7. We will even visit you if you have an emergency. We provide our customers with all kinds of plumbing services from leaks to full bathroom and kitchen installations. Our team of plumbers are experienced and fully trained, so you can be happy and relaxed knowing that you will get the work done to very high standards.

When the waterworks go wrong in your home, there’s often a risk of serious water damage. You therefore need someone that can react to the emergency immediately, get the job done and get it right first time. So look no further – call us today! We can usually get to your home in the Esher area within the hour, and we cover all sorts of plumbing work, from mending burst pipes and leaking radiators to tap replacements and full bathroom suite installations.

Nothing is quite as inconvenient – or mucky - as a blocked toilet. Even when the mess gets cleared away, it’s often difficult to know what’s caused the problem. Fortunately, whether your blockage is internal or external, we can get it sorted for you as quickly as possible.

Is your heating system giving you a frosty reception? Our fully qualified engineers are the people to call for all sorts of heating problems: leaking boilers, faulty cylinders, boilers not firing up, cold radiators and boilers losing pressure, to name but a few.

WIA Approved PlumberWater Supply

There are currently three water companies that provide water within the Esher area. If you need water advice your first point of contact should be the water company to which you pay your water rates.

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