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How to fit a radiator

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Understanding how a radiator works is important if you want to fit one correctly.

The majority of the heat given off by a radiator is convected heat. This simply means that as air touches the radiator, it heats up and then rises towards the ceiling. Cool air then replaces the warm air; which is also heated by convection and rises upwards. This process continues as long as the radiator is switched on.

There are a number of different types of radiator and size. Generally, the larger the radiator, the more heat it will give out. Double radiators (two back to back) are popular and some radiators even come with fins on the back to increase the convected area.

The most popular place to fit a radiator is under the window because this wall space is generally not used for anything else. Before double glazing, radiators were always fitted under windows because draughts from windows encouraged the air to circulate.

Whenever possible, try not to place furniture in front of radiators because the furniture will absorb the radiated heat. Radiators should not be covered by long curtains.

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