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Local water suppliers such as Affinity Water are committed to supplying high quality drinking water to their customers.

Their treatment facilities use the latest technology and sophisticated monitoring systems to ensure they continually provide water of a high standard when you turn on your tap.

They work around the clock to ensure that your water is safe to drink. They sample and analyse the water they supply at all stages of the process to make sure that it meets the stringent quality standards set in the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000 (as amended).

However, once their water passes into your property, they are only responsible for certain aspects of it. Water may be subject to deterioration due to factors out of their control, such as storage conditions, corrosion of pipe materials and water temperature. Water supplies are also vulnerable to microbiological, chemical and metal contamination.

When looking for a plumber we recommend you select one who is an eligible member of an Approved Contractors’ Scheme, such as WaterSafe.

Surrey Trading Standards ApprovedWaterSafe is a national plumbing assurance scheme with the aim of providing recognition for competent plumbers and assurance to customers seeking water supply plumbing work.

WaterSafe approved businesses must adhere to the WaterSafe customer commitments, conditions of membership and scheme rules. Where businesses fail to meet these standards a disciplinary process applies. A member business, which fails to uphold the standards will be subject to a range of penalties, in serious cases, this would result in membership of WaterSafe being revoked.

A WaterSafe approved business will be required to put their work right if it does not meet the requirements of the Water Fittings Regulations or Byelaws, enforced by the water supplier.

WaterSafe recognised plumbers are fully qualified to carry out plumbing work in homes and business premises providing they are employed by a WaterSafe member business. They have specific training in Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws, which enables them to ensure there should be no risk from poor installation or sub-standard materials that could cause contamination of your drinking water supply.

For most types of plumbing work, plumbers have a legal duty to notify the water supplier before they start work and this can lead to delays. Recognised plumbers can carry out some work without the need to provide advanced notification to the water supplier.

A ‘work completed’ certificate issued by a WaterSafe recognised plumber provides a defence for property owners who are challenged by a water supplier enforcing the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws.

Water Safe Quality AssuredPlumbFix is a WaterSafe approved plumber.

An approved plumbing business is a member of WaterSafe. To be a member of WaterSafe, plumbing businesses must be an eligible member of one of the seven existing Approved Contractor Schemes.

WaterSafe requires each approved member business to employ suitably qualified and competent individuals. Each WaterSafe approved business must also have £2m of public liability insurance and employers’ liability cover – where appropriate – of £5m in place.

WaterSafe requires each WaterSafe approved member business to be audited within the first 12 months of membership as a minimum and existing members are audited on a regular basis.

To be suitably qualified, recognised plumbers employed by a WaterSafe member business are required to successfully complete an NVQ Level 2 in Mechanical Engineer Services (plumbing) (6089) as a minimum and have a Water Fittings Regulations qualification.

A WaterSafe recognised plumber is a qualified professional plumber who is employed by a business, which is a member of one or more Approved Contractors’ Schemes. Each of the schemes is either operated by a water company or appointed by the Secretary of State. PlumbFix is a member of The Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme (WIAPS).

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