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To enable us to continue offering the best possible service to our customers, we regularly ask for feedback about the jobs we have completed. Below are just a few of the testimonials we have received via Checkatrade.com

Job Completed - New kitchen tap installed. (Average score 10/10)

“Highly recommended. Very quick response to initial enquiry. Quote was very reasonable/competitive compared to others I obtained. Work completed at the agreed time -to a high standard and for the price quoted. Would definitely use again! Thanks”

Customer in Chertsey - November 2019

Job Completed - Overflow of toilet fixed super quickly and charged at very reasonable rate. (Average score 10/10)

“Had a leak and didn’t know what it was except I had identified it coming from the toilet. Plumbfix! Popped over within 30 mins and fixed immediately and within a few minutes. Honestly, such a relief and was super helpful and knowledgeable. Would definitely use again and also definitely recommend to others. Cost very reasonable.”

Customer in Addlestone - September 2019

Job Completed - New shower pump fitted and leak fixed. (Average score 9.75/10)

“Turned up on time - work carried out well and was great at letting us know what issue had been and how to make sure we can sort any issues going forward. Would definitely recommend as many plumbers contacted didn't return calls or show up when expected OR quoted crazy sums. On time, on budget and very pleasant chap. Thanks”

Customer in Addlestone - 20 July 2019

Job Completed - Replaced a leaking cistern with a new one. (Average score 10/10)

“Very satisfied with his work and really knows his job well.”

Customer in Addlestone - 17 May 2019

Job Completed - New pressure pump changed. (Average score 10/10)

“Very professional. Very quick. Strongly recommend.”

Customer in West Byfleet - 13 May 2019

Job Completed - Fixed shower pressure. (Average score 10/10)

“Super helpful and accommodating. Came out same day to check a problem with the shower pressure and then came back 2 days later to fix and carry out work.”

Customer in Addlestone - 22 March 2019

Surrey Trading Standards ApprovedJob Completed - Fitted new toilet. (Average score 10/10)

“I had a problem with my new toilet not flushing toilet paper and the person who originally fit it did not sort the problem. I found Plumbfix through Checkatrade and the plumber, Pip, came round that same evening to look at it. He told me the problem and gave me a quote. As soon as my new toilet arrived, Pip shifted things around so that he could fit it asap. The whole job took only a couple hours including fitting all new pipework, fixing the cistern and sealing the toilet to the floor. I now have a fully functioning toilet. I am very happy with Pip’s work and would highly recommend him.”

Customer in Addlestone - 15 March 2019

Job Completed - Cleared blocked drains/waste pipe. (Average score 10/10)

“Spoke to Pip on the phone and explained the issue with blocked toilet. He popped over within 15 minutes and began to clear the blockage. He then returned the next day to finish the job. Everything was done very quickly and efficiently, and for a very reasonable price.”

Customer in Woking - 26 February 2019

Job Completed - Emergency situation after fire brigade attended, kitchen flooded, mixer tap 'erupted like a geyser'. (Average score 10/10)

“Highly recommend this gentleman - professional tradesman who knows his trade inside out and gives clearly understood, instant info, on what is wrong and needs to be done. Very courteous, speedy and thorough. A true gentleman who takes pride in his workmanship.”

Customer in Addlestone - 18 February 2019

WIA Approved PlumberJob Completed - Helped fix my boiler over the phone. (Average score 10/10)

“I was having a pressure issue with my central heating boiler, phoned Plumbfix and they were able to help me over the phone, without having to send someone out! After sending them a few photos of the pipes, they managed to help me locate the valve to add more pressure to the system, and voila, we were back up and running! Would definitely use Plumbfix again for any future issues.”

Customer in Woking - 12 February 2019

Job Completed - Fixed unexpected leak in toilet. (Average score 10/10)

“Unexpected leak. Slight panic. Still at work. Got gold of Pip, he was trying to sort out children before half term and promised to try and get to us by 20:00 - he managed to get there only 30 min later, at around 18:00, and by the time I got home the problem was sorted and explained to my wife. He didn't even want immediate payment but sent me an invoice a day or so later. Pip is now in my contacts and will be the go to for any plumbing needs.”

Customer in West Byfleet - 01 February 2019

Water Safe Quality AssuredJob Completed - Blocked Kitchen Drain. (Average score 10/10)

“Having contacted Plumbfix earlier in the day, I was impressed by the flexibility shown to come to my aid a couple of hours later and help solve my blocked kitchen drain issue. Full of advice and quite engaging, Pip also helped solve another issue (singing toilet) outside the original scope, without any reluctance - Super-impressed. Friendly, courteous, tidy, punctual and engaging, based on my experience, It's easy to recommend Plumbfix for your plumbing needs.”

Customer in Staines-upon-Thames - 26 January 2019

Job Completed - Fitted washing machine and removed radiator. (Average score 10/10)

“Best service ever experienced. Would absolutely recommend Plumbfix!!”

Customer in West Byfleet - 18 January 2019

Job Completed - Fitted new kitchen tap. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip did a great job, it wasn't all that straight forward as the isolation handles, under the sink, were stiff and corroded, having not been turned for over 20 years! So the job took much longer than his estimate and he fitted new parts but he didn't charge us more. Nice friendly guy and offered great advice. Definitely recommend this Company.”

Customer in Addlestone - 15 January 2019

Job Completed - Pipe work. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip arrived on time and was efficient and helpful. He is hard working and knows his business well. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Customer in Addlestone - 10 January 2019

Job Completed - Replace Toilet and Shower. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip did a great job and also went upon and beyond what was required as well as offered great advice.”

Customer in Weybridge - 9 January 2019

Job Completed - Radiator leak fixed. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip arrived 30 minutes after my call - he'd finished another job early. Was very courteous. Although this was ultimately a simple fix, he gave me some good information on root cause and other tell-tale signs. Very reasonable price, so very pleased. Would thoroughly recommend.”

Customer in West Byfleet - 7 January 2019

Job Completed - Toilet cistern leak. (Average score 10/10)

“Have no hesitation in highly recommending this gentleman - professional, courteous, highly skilled, kept me informed at all times and did not attempt to rip me off. Good luck to you sir.”

Customer in Addlestone - 4 January 2019

Job Completed - Inspect and repairs - heating system balance and regulate. (Average score 10/10)

“Arrived soon after I rang to help me out as had no heating upstairs. Work carried out efficiently and kept me updated with what was going on (as well as advice on going forward!). Thank you. So far so good. Warm and toasty.”

Customer in Woking - 13 December 2018

Job Completed - Fixed split underground mains pipe. (Average score 10/10)

“Excellent job completed.”

Customer in Staines upon Thames - 5 November 2018

Job Completed - Leak behind toilet. (Average score 10/10)

“I had a leak behind the toilet which was quite worrying for me. Pip gave me a time and arrived on time. He spotted the problem within seconds and did the repair. It was such a relief to find someone who obviously knew what he was talking about!”

Customer in Addlestone - 9 September 2018

Job Completed - Sorted out a major plumbing problem and left it working perfectly. (Average score 10/10)

“Prompt response to my making contact, very honest and informative”

Customer in Chertsey - 29 April 2018

Job Completed - Leak found. (Average score 10/10)

“Just so helpful,did the job ,sorted the problems and didn’t charge over the top. Great service. Would like to use again.”

Customer in Horsham - 6 June 2018

Job Completed - Supply and fit of pressure relief and expansion valves to megaflow cylinder. (Average score 10/10)

“Friendly, efficient service and very reasonably priced, thank you.”

Customer in Weybridge - 23 April 2018

Job Completed - Shower leak fixed. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip was really polite, and was willing to pop in as soon as it was convenient for me. Problem was easily identified, and easily fixed.”

Customer in West Byfleet - 17 April 2018

Job Completed - Inspect and replace basin mono mixer tap. (Average score 9/10)

“Very pleased with the job, I would definitely recommend it.”

Customer in Addlestone - 7 April 2018

Job Completed - Cleared blocked pipe. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip did a fantastic job in clearing a pipe that was absolutely packed solid. It took a lot of persistence and determination to resolve the issue, for which I’m grateful.”

Customer in Woking - 13 March 2018

Job Completed - Blocked drain cleared. (Average score 10/10)

“Quick, efficient and friendly service. Very happy, thank you.”

Customer in Weybridge - 6 March 2018

Job Completed - To check the reason why the toilet was not flushing properly. (Average score 10/10)

“This is the fourth time we have used this company. Every time the problem has been resolved quickly and to our 1000% satisfaction. I would not hesitate to use this company again.”

Customer in Woking - 2 March 2018

Job Completed - Rodding and clearing blocked drain. (Average score 9.75/10)

“Ordered Plumbfix! In remotely as I'm 250 miles from house. Kept up-to-date by phone. Very thorough information. Neighbours impressed when I checked with tidiness and courtesy, to them as well as me on phone.”

Customer in Chertsey - 28 December 2017

Job Completed - Fixed broken toilet flusher. (Average score 10/10)

“Great job. Quick and efficient.”

Customer in Walton-on-Thames - 19 December 2017

Job Completed - Fixing thermostatic showers and blocked drainage. (Average score 9.75/10)

“Pip was very courteous, honest and friendly. The job was done to a good standard in a reasonable amount of time. The price was good value for the work done, and I will definitely call him back if any other plumbing issues arise. Would highly recommend Pip.”

Customer in West Byfleet - 25 October 2017

Job Completed - Leaking pipe in the kitchen. (Average score 10/10)

“We have used Pip before and did not hesitate to call him again in our hour of need. We had a leaking pipe in the kitchen, and Pip came round on the same day. He sorted the problem quickly and efficiently, and charged less than what we were expecting. I was one of those people who was quite sceptical about using someone I do not know, but I have been completely corrected and would 100% recommend Pip to any of my friends or family.”

Customer in Addlestone - 21 August 2017

Job Completed - Installation of washing machine. (Average score 10/10)

“Remarkably prompt and efficient same day service!”

Customer in Dunbar - 7 August 2017

Job Completed - Work done to fix a leak from the system. (Average score 10/10)

“Quick diagnosis of the problem, thorough description of what work needed to be done, professional manner.”

Customer in Addlestone - 2 August 2017

Job Completed - Fixed leaking taps in kitchen and replaced with a new one. (Average score 10/10)

“Professional and very efficient plumber.”

Customer in Woking - 1 August 2017

Job Completed - Installation on suite bathroom. (Average score 10/10)

“Very good job. Hi quality of the service. Good timing. I recommend Pip. A professional plumber.”

Customer in Woking - 18 July 2017

Job Completed - Leaking Pipe. (Average score 10/10)

“Woke up to a leaking pipe dripping through the ceiling. He turned up on time as promised and carried out the work very efficiently. He also fixed a dripping tap and a sink problem that I did not initially ask about - and all within the quoted price. Would definitely recommend and I know where to go on the future.”

Customer in Addlestone - 11 July 2017

Job Completed - Leaking water pipe under sink. (Average score 10/10)

“Fantastic, great work job done with reasonable cost.”

Customer in Addlestone - 25 January 2017

Job Completed - Burst exterior water pipe fixed. (Average score 10/10)

“He arrived in super fast time! He was kind, polite and informative. He was my knight in shining armour!”

Customer in Addlestone - 19 January 2017

Job Completed - New pump fitted. (Average score 9.75/10)

“Pip was very professional and talked us through what was needed. He did the job quickly for the agreed price. We now have a pump that works for 2 showers.”

Customer in Weybridge - 01 February 2017

Job Completed - Repair to toilet cistern. (Average score 10/10)

“Phoned about 10 in the morning and he said he would in the area soon so would call in arrived 10.45. Pleasant chap located the problem and fixed it. Would call him again for any plumbing problem as I felt comfortable having him in my house and he completed the work well. Probably will keep his number handy as my first port of call for any plumbing problems in the future.”

Customer in Weybridge - 02 September 2016

Job Completed - Repaired ball valve in toilet cistern that was badly needed and required emergency attention, fitted isolation valve and freed sized stopcock. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip came to the rescue when another company failed me badly. Pip arrived within the quoted 45 minutes, was professional all round and completed all the work needed to restore my plumbing problems perfectly. I will be happy to use Pip's services again as first call in the future without need to look elsewhere. Thoroughly recommended.”

Customer in Staines-upon-Thames - 30 August 2016

Surrey Trading Standards ApprovedJob Completed - Moved and fitted a new radiator and repaired water tank. (Average score 10/10)

“Really nice guy, very happy with his work.”

Customer in Staines-upon-Thames - 18 August 2016

Job Completed - Waste disposal fitted and shower repair. (Average score 10/10)

“He made an excellent recommendation on a waste disposal as well as perfect installation. I appreciated his immediate diagnosis of my shower problem as well as the quick fix.”

Customer in Woking - 15 July 2016

Job Completed - Mending toilet cisterns x2. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip was very friendly, thorough, knowledgable and happy to answer any questions. Quick and tidy job and very engaging with our three year old who followed him around the house. Would definitely use again/recommend.”

Customer in Chertsey - 30 June 2016

WIA Approved PlumberJob Completed - High pressure jet clean. Apply 3 patches to prevent tree roots getting back in and blocking the drain.. (Average score 9/10)

“The work was done well. Philippe took 'before' and 'after' video to show that the work had been done properly.”

Customer in East Molesey - 29 June 2016

Job Completed - Fixed toilet and pipework leak. (Average score 10/10)

“We moved into our new house and the next morning we found a leak coming through the kitchen ceiling from the bathroom. I called Pip who came round within the hour and fixed the leak from the toilet and also an additional leak we found. We were really impressed with Pip and have asked him to quote for additional work we need doing. We have no hesitation in recommending.”

Customer in Chertsey - 17 June 2016

Water Safe Quality AssuredJob Completed - Toilet leak fixed. (Average score 10/10)

“Very impressed with Pip and the work he carried out. Very professional. He explained the problem and the steps needed to fix it very clearly. He got on with the job quickly and he was considerate of the needs of the children in the house whilst doing the job. I would definitely recommend him.”

Customer in Woking - 13 June 2016

We fix blocked drainsJob Completed - Mains flow restored. Necessary valves replaced. (Average score 9.8/10)

“PlumbFix! Were excellent with regards to our plumbing issue. They were proactive, helpful and informative, so that we understood the problem and then speedily resolved it to our satisfaction.”

Customer in Camberley - 23 March 2016

Job Completed - Complete re-plumb ground floor, new rad installation. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip was brilliant overall and could not recommend him enough. He dug out all of our old copper piping from the screed and laid new plastic, high-quality pipes to the entire ground floor. He also installed a brand new radiator in the lounge for us. Quality of work was brilliant, very friendly gent and was also great to our dog! Thanks again.”

Customer in Chertsey - 1 March 2016

Job Completed - Sealed water leak in mains water pipe where it entered the house . Replaced the valve in water tank in loft . (Average score 10/10)

“Pip arrived promptly and cured the water leak within 5 minutes .He returned 2 days later to replace the valve in the main water tank in the loft which was leaking.The jobs were speedily and tidily executed .As my husband and I are in our eighties ,it is a comfort to know we have such efficient and reasonably priced help within easy reach .”

Customer in Addlestone - 19 January 2016

Job Completed - Fixed toilet. (Average score 10/10)

“Efficient, polite, work charged as quoted and completed quickly. No hesitation in recommending.”

Customer in Chertsey - 30 December 2015

Job Completed - New radiator fitted. (Average score 10/10)

“Pip did an outstanding job, he was very helpful and polite. I have no hesitations in recommending him.”

Customer in Addlestone - 13 November 2015

Job Completed - Fitted shower and fixed stop clock. (Average score 9.8/10)

“Was knowledgeable and really happy with how he went about fixing everything. Would recommend.”

Customer in West Byfleet - 13 November 2015

Job Completed - Unblocking of toilet. (Average score 10/10)

“Prompt, efficient and courteous service provided within 15 minutes of call out.”

Customer in Addlestone - 31 October 2015

Job Completed - Fit replacement valve to boiler. (Average score 9.5/10)

“Have dealt with this trader for several years and he is always efficient, polite and reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Customer in Woking - 23 October 2015

Job Completed - Resolving a recurring plumbing smell. (Average score 9.8/10)

“Very knowledgeable. Very courteous and extremely quick to call back and chat about the problem after initial inquiry before arranging an appointment.”

Customer in Guildford - 26 August 2015

Job Completed - Various plumbing leaks and overflow problems. (Average score 9.8/10)

Very efficient.

Mr Nick Thomas based in Woking, 29 April 2015

Job Completed - Unblocked sink. (Average score 9.5/10)

I was very happy and would highly recommend them.

Mrs Theadora based in Sunbury-on-Thames, 10 May 2015

Job Completed - The water heater was cold, replaced immersion with new incoloy immersion with resettable thermostat. (Average score 10/10)

I would recommend him, very good.

Mrs Geraldine Hobbs based in Weybridge, 5 June 2015

Job Completed - Replaced the faulty shower cartridge and calibrated the temperature. (Average score 10/10)

Very pleased and I would recommend this company.

Mr Matt Cussans based in Chertsey, 25 June 2015

Job Completed - Problem with Toilet (Average score 9.5/10)

The toilet had slipped on the wall, and was leaking to the flat below. Replaced the flush valve and refit the toilet. Very knowledgeable and professional.

Mrs Ramla Ali based in Chertsey, 5 June 2015

Job Completed - Unblocked sink waste pipe (Average score 10/10)

Came out the same morning I called. Very fast and efficient work for at a very reasonable price. Extremely pleasant and gave advice re. on going maintenance. Would recommend this tradesman very highly to anyone.

Mrs Joan Smith based in Addlestone

Job Completed - Assessment of drain problem (Average score 10/10)

Mr Roulet was most helpful in the efficiency and speed with which he diagnosed the problem in one of my drains. He gave me the most appropriate advice as to whom I should approach to solve the problem. He did not charge me anything for the diagnosis.

Mr Ranjit Naik based in Weybridge

Job Completed - Shower installation (Average score 10/10)

Pip completed a replacement shower installation to a very high standard and at great value for money. We always call him for any plumbing work as he is reliable, his costs are very reasonable and we are always satisfied with the quality of his work. Would recommend without hesitation.

Miss Alison Smith based in West Byfleet

Job Completed - Unblocked kitchen sink waste (Average score 10/10)

Left in working order and advice given about what to use in the future to try to clear a similar problem in the future and how to prevent blockages too.

Mrs H based in Chertsey

Job Completed - Unblocked drains (Average score 10/10)

My problem with the drains was identified late on Saturday. I sent an email in the evening and got a reply almost by return. A date and time was set for the visit and Mr Roulet arrived slightly early which suited me better. The work was carried out in an efficient and professional manner and they are a very nice company to deal with. Highly recommended.

Mr Ian Sleave based in Horsell

Job Completed - Drain clearance (Average score 10/10)

We contacted Pip through email in the morning and received a call-back shortly after. He explained that he had a fixed fee for the clearance and we booked him in. Pip was showing up only an hour after we called and not only fixed the issue but also checked the rest of the plumbing for us, all at the agreed fee. We can recommend him for anyone needing a qualified plumber and will definitely use him for any future plumbing needs! Thanks!

Mr Lars Torngren based in Chertsey

Job Completed - Unblock drain (Average score 10/10)

My husband phoned Pip at 8am this morning. He came round at 11ish and discovered the drain blockage was due to next door. He spoke to next door and lifted their drain cover and unblocked the drain and also cleared out ours. So impressed with prompt and efficient service and not too expensive. Very impressed would use him again without fail.

Mrs Ellerby, West Byfleet

Job Completed - Fixed DIY problem, unblocked bath (Average score 10/10)

Very prompt response. Helpful advice. Competitive pricing.

Mrs Moth based in Addlestone

Job Completed - Drain survey of school site. Drain repairs (Average score 10/10)

Very helpful and efficient workman. Attention to detail and able to offer advice and recommendations. Looks after the school site on a permanent basis and always attends to emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Mr Tom Chambers based in Woking

Job Completed - Unblocking an outside drain (Average score 10/10)

I cannot begin to tell how good the service from this company is. Email sent to Pip at 9.30am, quote received 10 minutes later. Received another email at lunchtime telling me that he drain had been cleared and that the invoice had been put through our letter-box ! Outstanding service, would recommend again and again.

Brian Clark based in Feltham

Job Completed - Blocked drains cleared (Average score 9.5/10)

Bit of a diary mix, up but came round as soon as memory jogged. Quick, efficient and professional.

Tony Crawte based in Shepperton

Job Completed - Leaking shower pump (Average score 9.8/10)

I recommend this company reported with short notice and fixed very quickly.

Mrs Marcos based in Farnham

Job Completed - Blocked overflowing drains (Average score 10/10)

I could not do this job. How he managed to clear the mess away and sort the drains was amazing!

Cherry Flint based in Woking

Job Completed - Unblock drain (Average score 10/10)

We have used Plumbfix before and this time was no different. Fast and very clean, also showed us how to keep fat build up to a minimum, great stuff.

Mrs Reynolds based in West Byfleet

Job Completed - Unblocking Saniflow (Average score 10/10)

Pip came after other failed to show or call us back. My kids put a toy down the saniflow and it all backed up! Many thanks for sorting and getting the toy back, although I don’t think we will use it again. Outstanding service, would recommend again and again.

Peter Jenner based in Fleet

Job Completed - Blocked drains cleared (Average score 9.5/10)

Wow, very quick service, all done in 20 minutes after me calling, would highly recommend.

Mrs Pamela Stokes based in Staines

Job Completed - Drain clearance (Average score 10/10)

We contacted Pip again as we have used him on several occasions now. We can recommend him for anyone needing a qualified plumber and will definitely use him for any future plumbing needs! Thanks!

Mr Lars Torngren based in Chertsey

Job Completed - Unblocked drains (Average score 10/10)

This is an annual occurrence, the drain blocks and affects our neighbours, fast, efficient and professional manners and they are a very nice company to deal with. Highly recommended.

Mr Peter Bonham based in Kingston Upon Thames

Job Completed - Leaking Loft tank (Average score 10/10)

I was so worried about this. Pip sorted this out in less than an hour, and gave us the details of other trades. Wonderful.

Mrs Kimberly Yui based in Weybridge

Job Completed - Shower Repair (Average score 10/10)

We had a shower which would not stop running. After several calls and quotes of varying high amounts we contacted Pip instead. He already knew the make of shower and told us the price on the phone. He came later this morning and finished the job in an hour. We always call him for any plumbing work as he is reliable, very reasonable and we are always satisfied with the quality of his work. Would recommend without hesitation.

Dr Michelmore based in Chobham

Job Completed - Kitchen Fitting (Average score 10/10)

We installed a New Kitchen and Bar at a theme park, This work ran over the Christmas period to February. Plumbfix sorted out all the plumbing and new drain installation. In addition they corrected a large number of existing problems we had been experiencing, we use Plumbfix on a number of our contracts now and are pleased to recommend them. They really do FIX!

PracticalMinds based in Nottingham

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